The Life of Christ - Book 1

The Life of Christ - Book 1

Introduction and Infancy A discipleship and training course in pastoral theology

S.E.A.N UK courses have been developed upon the recognition that the purposes of God go beyond evangelism, to the building up of a mature people in Christ. The Compendium of Pastoral Theology provides for this need: based on Biblical teaching throughout, it is a very useful tool that comprehensively equips all God's people for His service.

The course based on St Matthew's Gospel, is so structured that the whole of the life of Christ is studied in the correct sequence. Subsequently, through the application of what is learnt in their own situation, the life of each student can be profoundly affected. Not only that: in many countries the students, in applying the Biblical principles emphasised in this course, have planted many on-going, maturing churches.

The whole Compendium course consists of 6 consecutive books. It combines lessons for individual home study with group discussion. The lessons are arranged in units; each unit being a week's work (3 hours per unit, approx.). After each unit there is a group meeting, and guidance for this is provided in a separate Group Leader's Training Manual. The Group Meeting is an essential part of the course: it greatly enriches the learning process and enables and enhances the application of theory to practice in the local church setting.

This course aims to introduce the student to all the basic disciplines of the Christian life and ministry, providing:

A thorough knowledge of Christ's life and ministry

A comparative analysis of the four Gospels

The Old Testament background to Christ's ministry

Techniques of study, reflection and application

An outline of systematic theology

A comparison of Christianity with other religions

An emphasis on practical ministry in the local church including: active participation in group studies; individual and group Bible studies; personal evangelism; stewardship; preaching; developing devotionals; family worship and counselling; planting a new church; dealing with the occult; Baptism; the Lord's Supper; discipline in the church; relationships, marriage and the family social reform and /or direct help; and psychological adjustments

The six study books:

Book 1: Infancy

Jesus' birth, infancy and youth; the geography and political background in Palestine in Jesus' lifetime; the Roman empire; the Herod family; the Kingdom of Heaven; the stages in Jesus' life and ministry; the genealogies; Bible study techniques; Son of God /of Man; God's promises; His sovereignty.

The Tutor Manual for Book 1 is a particularly good resource for group leaders and is a training course in its own right within the main Book 1 course.

Book 2: Year of Preparation

John the Baptist; confession of sin; Pharisees and Sadducees; the Trinity; the Apostles' Creed; the attributes of God; Jesus' temptations; His use of Scripture; inspiration of the Bible; leading others to Christ.

Book 3: Year of Popularity

Expansion of the Kingdom through Galilee and beyond; Edicts of the Kingdom; sermon preparation; prayer; Evidences of the Kingdom; science and miracles; Envoys of the Kingdom; Enemies of the Kingdom; Examples of the Kingdom; parables; Extending the Kingdom; personal testimony; planting churches.

Book 4: Year of Passion (part 1)

Jesus' journeys and teaching; the doctrine of man; the image of God; sin; death; Spiritism; psychological adjustments; sex, marriage, family; material possessions; God's generosity; ambitions - spiritual and worldly.

Book 5: Year of Passion (part 2)

Jesus, Prophet, Priest, King; mind, emotions and will; evaluation techniques; Second Coming; the Jewish nation; parables; church finances; Lord's Supper; Jesus Passion and Resurrection; comparative analysis of the four Gospels.

Book 6: Risen Life

Proofs of Resurrection; Great Commission; Jesus' ascension and exaltation; Pentecost; person, work, fullness of the Holy Spirit; early church and its discipline; baptism; miracles and healing; persecution and suffering; Apostles' teaching; personal evangelism; counselling; techniques of Bible Analysis.

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