S.E.A.N. UK 'Methodology'?

S.E.A.N. UK courses are built on an educational method called programmed learning.

Although the lessons may look simple at first glance the simplicity is deceptive as it masks a very complicated and sophisticated educational programme taking the strain out of learning and allowing the student to absorb information and apply what they have learned to their lives. Using reinforcement, information is given in small pieces building as the course develops to enable each student to understand and respond to the truth learnt.

Within the core S.E.A.N. UK courses, each lesson has two main and separate stages, the written home study and the group meeting. Many lessons include suggestions for both personal and practical assignments. Each stage has its own distinct objectives.

Home Study

Each student receives a course book that they complete themselves each week. The courses are broken down into lessons and frames that provide the student with easily attainable educational goals. As all the students are exposed to the same truth and goal they are encouraged to contribute and participate in the group discussion.

S.E.A.N. UK courses are progressive and basic techniques of Bible Study are gradually introduced brining the student into a discipline of learning that changes their way of study forever.

Group Meeting

The group meeting, led by a tutor, allows an arena of discussion, fellowship, experience, prayer and action.

Using the tutor’s manual the tutor works through the structured framework to guide and stimulate discussion bringing out key objectives through what has been learnt in the home study.

Practical application

Educators tell us that we only retain, 10% of what we hear, 40% of what we read but 80% of what we hear, read and do. Based on this, the courses give opportunity for participating in ministry or practical assignments based on each lesson and on a personal level in relationship with the Lord bringing changes in thinking, perception and action.

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