What is T.E.E.

What is TEE
‘TEE’, which stands for Theological Education by Extension, is an effective but low cost system of learning and training within the local context, modelled on small groups led by trained tutors – compared, for instance, with the expensive and non-localised option of college courses.

SEAN's TEE materials are directed for use at 'grass roots' level - that is Christians in the local church, or 'every-member ministry' - to equip all God's people to be effective ambassadors for Jesus, society-changers, missionaries in the world, in the neighbourhood and in the all-important world of work.

TEE programmes aim to provide, from the scriptures and guided by the Holy Spirit, the tools, materials and structures needed for realistic in-service training of members and leaders of local congregations. Through this they grow and mature in their faith as well as discover and develop their gifts; thus they are able to exercise a more effective ministry, and the Lord is glorified - both in the church and in the world.

Theological Education by Extension
SEAN's TEE (Theological Education by Extension) materials are for enabling and mobilising God's people for growth and ministry, in

>>> evangelism
>>> initial discipleship
>>> on-going nurture and teaching
>>> training for a ministry
>>> multiplying Christian workers
>>> preparing leaders and pastors
>>> involving all in every-member ministry
>>> church planting
>>> mission

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